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Optimal Insights LLC was conceived based on the realization that while all Wall Street firms have invested significant resources on the acquisition and maintenance of technology and information, very few have optimized the use of those assets to help manage relationships with key influencers throughout their operational ecosystem.

We help firms rectify this by identifying ways to deploy resources that enable all key players to easily promote a brand in a consistent and coordinated manner. The result can be the creation of competitive advantages and incremental returns while also minimizing operational risks.

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Jeff Polack, CFA

Managing Member, Senior Advisor


Help Wall Street firms generate and use proprietary insights to achieve their goals.


We will help Wall Street firms design and implement practical solutions that optimize the balance of process management, technology, efficiency, and cost so they can discover actionable insights into relationships, risks, and opportunities that create profitable competitive advantages.

In other words, we help people use technology to do things that enable firms to make and keep more money.

We know what to do

Our unique blend of experience in sales, operations, and technology spans the private equity, investment banking, and wealth management spaces. This background enables us to quickly help identify practical solutions and bridge the communication gap that often exists between business stakeholders and developers of technology solutions.

We know how to get it done

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” — Guy Kawasaki

We have experienced data projects as a client, a developer, and a consultant. Those very different perspectives have taught us that aligning objectives, fostering teamwork, monitoring progress, and correcting course as necessary are all critical to the successful implementation of a project on-time and on-budget.

In addition to decades of experience, we have demonstrated our knowledge of various Agile methodologies. By combining the best of these philosophies we are able to help teams achieve personal and professional goals while also having fun.

Certified ScrumMaster®

We welcome the opportunity to have an introductory conversation so that together we can determine how we might help your firm achieve its goals.


Why choose us?


Rapid Insights

Extensive experience in front-line, middle office, and oversight roles developed the ability to quickly recognize how information should be leveraged and presented as well as required processes and tools.

Analytical Mindset

History of analytical roles ranging from wealth management (Chartered Financial Analyst designee) to performance measurement to business intelligence demonstrates an ability to effectively grasp complex issues and processes.

Technical Depth

Knowledge gained from the development of dozens of reports, tens of thousands of lines of code written in a variety of languages, and utilization of the Microsoft BI platform enables an extraordinary ability to bridge common communication gaps between decision makers and developers.

Design Experience

Primary architect and lead developer of the leading private equity relationship management platform that facilitates American Securities’ unique approach to the optimization of its relationships with banks and debt investors.

Also acted as project champion for Bank of America’s investment banking client relationship management system.


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