How can RApportTM enhance operations?


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Achieve operational excellence

Although RApportTM is most often implemented to improve relationship management and branding, it can also be leveraged to obtain operational benefits.

Operational risks can be minimized, efficiencies gained, and solutions more quickly developed. The same systems and tools can also be leveraged to provide insights into administrative processes and compliance matters. Perhaps most importantly, the firm’s intellectual property can be captured and retained.



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Optimize decision-making

Capturing valuable proprietary information and blending it with third-party data can create new perspectives. The use of modern tools that facilitate rapid analysis and easy consumption enables leaders to discover actionable insights and target influential messages to essential relationships.

Potential Solutions
  • Utilize tools to personalize relationship management efforts
  • Leverage proprietary & third-party data
  • Stronger relationships
  • Optimize firm-wide coordination
  • Identify actionable insights



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Reduce operational risks

In addition to ensuring key processes are correctly and consistently executed, RApportTM can help preserve your most valuable asset: the firm’s intellectual property.

When key employees leave the firm, they often take with them unique, valuable knowledge. By using RApportTM to capture information about relationships, events, and processes, the firm can be better prepared to minimize losses and handle transitions smoothly and efficiently.

Potential Solutions
  • Capture definitions of data, processes, and systems in a central repository
  • Implement a system to create an auditable history of changes to key data elements
  • Execute workflows that ensure significant changes are validated and approved
  • Reduce risks associated with the loss of key employees
  • Enable new employees to ramp up quickly
  • Minimize exceptions that break the system
  • Supplement compliance-related record-keeping



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Make data easier to use

Manual analysis of data expensive: collection is cumbersome, analysis is time-consuming, and leaders are usually reliant on support staff to provide information in a usable condition.

Systems and tools that automate data analysis can streamline the analytical process and make it easy for non-technical users to discover insights independently without having to rely on others to prepare materials.

All of this results in greater efficiency, the ability to make well-informed decisions quicker, and, ultimately, lower operational costs.

Potential Solutions
  • Enable point/click access to explore data
  • Empower users with mobile applications
  • Adopt tools that enable the creation of solutions via drag/drop interfaces
  • Decision makers can access data on-demand without requiring additional support
  • Access data while on-the-go or at events
  • Non-geek workers can create solutions



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Create solutions faster

Adopting a holistic view of a firm’s use of technology and information can unlock significant value that is trapped in different group silos.

Standardization of technology tools enables the development of centers of excellence because employees can collaborate on the best ways to use the firm’s investment in technology solutions.

RApportTM embraces modern tools that accelerate the rapid development of solutions and knowledge sharing. It also maximizes the utilization of the firm’s intellectual capital and skillsets.

Potential Solutions
  • Assemble and empower teams with diverse skill sets
  • Embrace modern tools and technology
  • Standardize toolset selection to enable users to share expertise and work-product
  • Reduce costs and inefficiencies by eliminating duplicative and siloed development
  • Improve readiness to adapt to change
  • Quickly transform ideas into actions
  • Maximize the use of proprietary knowledge


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